Our Fishing Tale...How Did we Start
in Custom Clothing and
Marketing Merchandise?

"Who even knows about us?" "How can we get our name out there?" " What do I have to wear?" These were all questions which lead into the creation of Codfish Gear. Daniel was looking for a way to make his team known across campus and he was also in desperate need of clothes. (After all, the more clothes you have the less you have to do laundry.) So he teamed up with his aunt, a graphic designer, and his mother, a seamstress, to design and create a t-shirt that everyone on campus would buy. Well the shirts were a hit, and from it came the realization that every team, group, company and school could use guidance through the process and an honest, reliable supplier of these products.

So Codfish Gear was born as a "A design company that indulges in the art of self-promotion." Today, Daniel, Theresa, and Tricia still adhere to this montra to their full service company doing everything from graphic design and logo creation to applying these Customized Cods to any type of clothing, apparel, marketing merchandise and promotional item. Using the most advanced customization techniques available, Codfish Gear is helping a wide variety of groups, events, and companies become even more well known as well as still producing the unique line for everyone to enjoy. Everyone has their own "Fishing Story." Codfish Gear just helps you tell it better. So "Put a Cod on Your Bod" today.

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